Whenever inspired, I will post special videos here.



September 23, 2022




She tells the truth of how spiritual channels need to conduct themselves

August 22, 2022


Jason Q


This man is a wealth of cutting edge information.

A must watch to understand whats really going on today.

August 3, 2022


This is a sweet and loverly video from the Pleiadians.ย  The female voice is calming and the photos are beautiful. Sometimes its good to relax from the strong teachings and allow calmness in. There is much hope in this message in that they have succeeded in overcoming the dark forces on earth, and we will now move farther into the Light.

July 26, 2022


Elizabeth April


In this video she clearly talks about what’s going on in this world and in other dimensions of reality. Brilliant.


From our new Spirit Guide Tarot



Energetic Sovereignty


In order to have energetic sovereignty, we need to disconnect from of our attachment to negative entanglements and reactions, and reconnect to our true feelings and emotions. By objectively observing and neutralizing our attachment to the lower vibrational frequencies of polarizing people, places and events, we can move on to a higher frequency reality, the 5th dimension.ย  Itโ€™s time for energetic freedom.

July 23, 2022

Gila Jed


Gila is a beautiful soul with a clear voice. Here she talks about God and her version of what I call the Integrity Tone Scale. That means there are emotions we have and can use like faith, ecstasy, joy, compassion, serenity, love and so on, to express ourselves in the image of God. Or we can follow the dark evil forces and express with their low emotions like hate, anger, blame, pity, shame, uselessness, hopelessness and so on. We each have the choice to live our lives in the higher God-like frequencies . . . or suffer in the lower frequencies. I choose God and good . . . over evil and bad. The salvation of this world depends on this choice.



This is an important clearing affirmation video that came from Ron Giles of Love Won Society, worthy of listening to as often as possible.


July 19, 2022

Kaballah Guru


This video is a very good talk of four clear speaking people talking about what’s going on in the world today. Once we open the door and seek the absolute truth, we discover how deep and pervasive the lie is.


You will wonder how everyone doesn’t notice how obvious it is. Like you’re pointing at a zebra in the room and they either don’t see it, or think it’s an ordinary horse. You wonder how they can’t see what’s so blatantly obvious.


It’s like living in an alternate Universe.

July 15, 2022


Kabbalah Guru


This man has a clear head and voice regarding the Spiritual Journey we’re on – a reminder to come from our heart and not our mind. I learned long ago that our mind is not our friend, actually our enemy. That’s because so many of our thoughts our not our own; memories of false teachings or triggers from past events where we didn’t have enough information to correctly formulate the truth. Only our heart is the true barometer of truth.

July 14, 2022

Dylan Monroe


Map and clear explanation of whats going on in the world today

July 8, 2022


Alpa Soni


I loved this Alpa Soni video as it speaks to me as a therapist.ย  Dr. Campbell talks about a few terrible words can shatters a person’s life, whereas the loving positive, inspiring, wonderful words of a therapist can instantly heal a life of personal struggle. They also talk of the healing value of having a dog. Also the value of walking barefoot in nature.

July 7, 2022


Mel Carmine


I really like Mel Carmine. Here is one with Captain Kyle. It’s no bullshit videos that gets right to the point of what’s going on today.

Best to watch it from beginning to end. He does highly recommend investing in XPR, for reason they explain can reasonable go for 35 cents a share to $100,000.

July 4, 2022


Ismael Perez


One of, if not the, most important voices in the world today is Ismael Perez.

This is a sweet interview worth watching.

June 30, 2022


Sandra Rose Michael


My partners Janine and Mario went to Las Vegas to experience the EES machines.

Although the sessions calmed them, a question about the power of the 8 units was posed.

Does the real healing take place after prolonged sessions with 24 machines pointing at you?

And are these machines really effective without first addressing and healing one’s Core Issue.

Our EES experience open the door to OUR best approach to healing.


June 23, 2022

I decided, encourage by my friend Janine, to return to my study on

A Course in Miracle.

Here is Lesson One:


Nothing I See Means Anything.

June 7, 2022

Ismael Perez


This is aย ‘must watch” video. We are Galactic Royalty. The IA dark forces have lost the war to kill us off. Within the next 4 years there will be a solar flash which will bring us all into a higher state of being. This video is filled with mind-blowing information.

June 22, 2022

Ismael say that the AI dark forces controls the Globalist. People like Bill Gates are not human, an Ai reptilian. Elon Musk is a cyborg working for the dark AI. He says that the flat earth narrative is false, an AI psyop. The 5th Dimension is a choice. Those who stay attached to 3D reality will live in an alternate reality.

June 2, 2022


Sandra Rose Michael

I was recently told about the wonderful EES healing machines. The inventor, Sandra Rose Michael, is a remarkable genius. You can listen to her tell her story here. This healing machine is available to purchase now, and will send out healing scalar waves for 2+ miles in every direction. It’s very exciting. It is the cure for cancer and most other diseases.

May 31, 2022

Ron Giles

ย Love Won Society


This is a significant question and answer session re. what’s happen now.

I was inspired when he said that the Alliance agent

knows exactly who I am

and will bend over backwards to make sure I’m funded.

I love food. But not any food. I like it to be as fresh and organic as possible. I rarely eat processed and packaged food. I think my great health at age 75 has everything to do with not eating processed meat for 55 years, avoiding junk food and drinks and staying away from all medical pharmaceuticals. I’ve experimented with fasting and have found I can go 4 days without eating anything, no problem, and after that time I’m not at all hungry. I only resume eating because I enjoy cooking. I wonder if I’m the sort of person who could decide to stop eating altogether, like the man in this video.