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The Staff of Beneficiary Businesses


Whoever heads the healing center and hotel will need the correct staff. This is vital to the success of their endeavor. I have no doubt that there are tens of thousands of good hearted humanitarians out there who are looking for a new opportunity to love and serve their fellow man. I am placing the call for a healing family; those dear souls who want to be a part of this Baja Mexico 5D Mission. They will be well-paid and we will do everything we can to assure a happy and prosperous life here in Mexico.

The first people I will be seeking to hire will be a Business Director, who will help me to find who to fund to run these humanitarian businesses. For the healing part they will a Doctor who could be a Naturopath, a Nurse, and a Core Issue Trauma Therapist. We will also need a Technician to teach us how to use the Frequency Healing Equipment.


The Benefactor

As a Creative Visionary, I’ve been called to assume my place as the loving Humanitarian Host

and Mission Protector of the Los Cabos Resort and Healing Center.


I believe that for myself and the people who join me, having a loving caring heart is the most important attribute.


I’ve lived a fruitful life as what some would call a “Renaissance Man;” including many years of experience in the Hospitality business; having owned my own restaurant and managed two others. Beginning in 1976, I was the direct student of four Living Masters, first trained as a Shaman, a Spirit Guide reader, an Awareness Counselor, and as an Aikidoist. As a life-long Humanitarian and Life Coach, I’ve help many people ease their confusion. In 1986 I became a shaman mask maker, and for 24 years I sold over 10,000 original works of art. As a writer, I’ve written 10 novels and 7 Self-Help Books. I’ve studied alternative healing since 1975 and as a successful advocate practitioner of health and nutrition, a non-meat eater for 55 years, I’ve remaining in near perfect health. My intention is to set an example as a kind-hearted Elder, offering my unconditional love, compassion and inspiration to every member of the staff and every guest. I’m also a Zen practitioner and gardener.

I have lived in Cabo San Lucas for over two years and because of the year around sunny weather, clean air, friendly people and that it’s located within a six-hour flight of around 500 million people in North, Central and South American – I consider it my Highest Thought to open a Holistic Healing Center here.



 Initial Healing Center Team


This mission is much bigger than me, the Benefactor. My job was to come up with this dream and to make sure it comes true. I will be looking for people who are good at what they are naturally good at. I will find one person who is gifted in Directing. Then we will find a Holistic Medicine professional who will lovingly guide the Counselors and the Healing Staff, and as we expand, a Housekeeping Manager, a gifted Organic Chef, a Restaurant Manager, a Transportation Supervisor, A Marketing Specialist, a Frequency Healing Medical Director, a Healing Machine Technician, a Spa Manager, Exercise Instructors, an Organic Gardener and a Maintenance Supervisor.

I am totally enrolled in the Love Won Society instructions and template for this Cabo MedBed Healing Center Humanitarian Plan to become a reality. It’s not so easy for people entrenched in the old Medical system to wrap their heads around the idea of a large Regional Holistic Healing Center and Resort. Nevertheless, I believe the people we need will come here and  jump aboard, once the money is available.



The Director


1. Director – I will immediately hire a most competent Director, someone who will also be the RSS Managing Director. Hopefully he or she will be my first partner.


 Mexican Attorney & Realtor


2. Attorney Rosy Rodrequez is my Mexican Immigration and Real Estate Attorney. She will be very valuable in closing property acquisitions and assisting with any legal Real Estate transactions. She will also help the US citizen staff members with all immigration issues, so they never will need to worry about leaving Mexico for a Visa. She is a Mexican native who speaks fluent English, well-versed to help us to over-come any local controversial obstacles. I’m unsure how this will work in Mexico, but I would ask Rosy to find the best bilingual Realtor, willing to implement The National Real Estate Listing Service Action Plan. (NRELS) 

We will want it to be easy for all our staff, from the healing professionals to the maids to purchase their own home.


Holistic Healing Staff


3. Healing Staff – I will put the call out and begin interviewing to hire a Core Issue healing therapist, a Naturopath Doctor, and a technician to get the frequency healing equipment up and running. I will contact John Baxter and Alternative Healing Specialists such as Dr. Lara Bach-Morrow, Doctors at Alive & Well, Dr. Faith Washington, and Luke Story, and ask for Medical Staff recommendations.



Available People to call on


4. Hashim Mohammad is a retired Systems Engineer. He may be willing to assist the Director. He’s a logistics specialist able to able to schedule that whole Healing Center process is running efficiently. He would also help in finding the right property to build the Center on, help hire the architects and workers and set up “by when” results for Phase Two of building the Healing Center.

5. Aaron Allison – My 41 year old son was a licensed Building Contractor and has worked in construction for 20 years. He’s a perfectionist guaranteeing the best built structures. He would coordinate with a Spanish speaking sub-contractor in all phases of the construction process. He would work with Hashim to make sure all the work is done on time and inspected properly.

6. Alan Allison – My 44 year old son has worked for 22 years as an IT professional. He is currently working for a company using hardware to insure vacationers easily find the correct accommodations. He can translate this knowhow and experience in setting up our system for bringing clients to Mexico for Holistic Healing. He is also developing an Altruistic Humanitarian Business concept App. His app is designed to assist families with a loved one in need, by providing a directory of “Angel Helpers” who will come to the home, for a set period of time, to sit with the handicapped person, relieving the family pressure of having to be there all the time. This App could be used by hospitals and Health Care Companies throughout the world.

If the Alliance Representative could see how the development of his App would assist our Cabo Healing Center’s Humanitarian  efforts, we could have a conversation of an additional Funding Proposal.




I had come to a point of self-satisfaction regarding my retired life in Mexico. I’m quite comfortable in my little home with a backyard swimming pool, enjoying my many flowers and plants, while experiencing much better than normal good health, for my age. I feel extremely abundant, with enough money to pay for my humble needs for the rest of my life. There is nothing “out there” I really need, want or desire. Every day, I pray for the end of suffering in the world. My heart goes out to all the people, especially the children, who are/were traumatized and suffer in any way from the terrible Cabal lies, mandates and protocols. I wish for everyone what I’ve created for myself; a secure 5D no-struggle life of peace, love, good health and happiness. I had been praying to God to guide me to a new beginning; a way to give back; to help people live happy abundant lives, in the best of good health. God guided me to Ron Giles and the Love Won Society.





The words I use, “Holistic Healing,” have nothing to do with Allopathic Medicine and Psychiatric procedures. I’m holding a vision of a large Holistic Center, which will offer profound cutting-edge holistic healing modalities; addressing a person’s Four Bodies: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. Our wonderfully designed facility will be staffed with loving Holistic Practitioners and Frequency Healers using advanced Frequency Healing Tools. They will address the core reason for the disease, the trauma or brainwashing, and lovingly guide each client out of suffering. Our cutting-edge tools will be used to regenerate the cells, organs and the brain. I pray that our Center will eventually house the Alliance MedBeds for full body regeneration.





In the year 2000, I went through 11 days of pain trying to pass a kidney stone. While suffering, I wondered why there wasn’t a pulsing frequency machine available that could dissolve the stones in a matter of seconds, and if there was one, why wasn’t this technology being used? Second, I read that kidney stones represented lumps of unresolved anger, which was the root cause of why the stones were there in the first place, causing me so much pain. I wished there were Root or Core Issue therapists available, who could have helped me heal my deeply buried trauma. Twenty-two years ago the Medical system misdiagnosed me, billing $6000 for one hour. It was ridiculously convoluted, and I was deeply upset being victimized by this cruel system.

With this in mind, I began dreaming of righting this wrong; of one day opening a Healing Center, where loving angel healers were always ready to help anyone who arrived; for free. I always believed that Nothing, especially money, should be in the way of the alleviation of suffering, but all my life I wondered if such Aquarian idealism was even possible; especially since I wasn’t a highly trained certified  Doctor, “worthy” to receive medical permission and financing.

Ron Giles assured me that a Pure Heart is that’s needed for manifesting my life-long dream of one day becoming a philanthropist, a Benefactor. My diverse life experiences have lad me to the right place, now at the right time. Finally I’ll be able to help as many people as possible; to end their survival struggle and help them achieve vibrant good health.

I’m excited to be sound-minded, enthused and able to request funding once the Quantum Financial System and the GESARA Prosperity Funding program is up and running. I look forward to be working with Love Won Society, my Alliance Resource Representative and all those who support this dream, joining me in this wonderful project.

In presenting this proposal I, the Humanitarian Benefactor David Dakan Allison, am Trusting the Universe and the Alliance angel, that God’s will be done. I will do my best to trust God, and not let anything hinder this. I am affirming: