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The Spirit Guide Wisdom cards


My name is David Dakan Allison. I’m a Master Oracle card reader with 40 years experience. I created my own very powerful 78 card deck in response to the current spiritual advice spreading through channels – for us find our truth from “God Within.” The quality printed on 3 1/2×5″ stock cards shown here represent my original art,

With my channeled meaning on the back sides, ANYONE, by themselves, can pull cards and easily receive the Wisdom they need from their Spirit Guides and Higher Self God Within. Readers acknowledge them to be extremely accurate and powerful. 

If you feel this lovely and powerful tool is what your bookstore, followers or organization needs to help empower “we the people to seek Divine Wisdom from within, please contact me. I can send you more photos, a sample of one card, and/or how to place a wholesale order for 25 decks or more. My info is below.

Thank you for your consideration,   Dakan

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