With the funding of this Healing Center, I’ll be able to share my compassionate love with people, designing for them public accessible ponds, green grass yards, flowing streams, waterfalls, a large organic public garden and so on, bringing Mother Nature alive to heal their heart and soul. I’ll find great happiness in helping to design and overseeing the building of beautiful structures, which blend in with the trees and water.

My Passion


My passion is always being A CREATIVE ARTIST. I begin with my home; creating a peaceful ambiance with my art and beautiful furnishings, surrounded by green tranquil Zen gardens. As a Light Worker, my passion has always included sharing my creations and gifts with people. Throughout the years I’ve offered health and wellness advice, life coaching, and Spirit Guide Oracle readings, as a wise Elder. I’ve felt that one day I would be guided to put all my passions, my many talents, together in some much bigger wonderful Life Purpose way. Love Won Society offered the way. 

When I began writing my Love Won Society Funding Proposal in 2021, my awareness focused on the obvious problems here in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I was inspired to revitalize the Los Cabos region with RSS and many CAC projects. In the summer of 2023, both Ron Giles and Q encouraged Managing Directors to focus on our Passion – not the projects; to be engaged in and excited doing what we love doing. My requested funding will be used to keep doing what I love doing, but in a much grander way. In Human Design, I’m a Manifesting Generator. I love manifesting and generating, making things, inspiring others to also create their own miracles. I choose 5D over 3D consciousness as I concentrate on my Inner Work, visualizing the Golden Age. I continue on as a Zen artist, always available to share my wisdom.

“I am committed to my Self-Healing and helping others to Self-Heal.”


I wish to create a Healing Center for people to Self-Heal themselves into a life of vibrant health and well-being, with the use of frequency healing tools and loving guidance.  My Commitment will continue to be focused on the Empowerment of my fellow brothers and sisters.

I’m a Humanitarian with a big heart who wants to do everything in my power to alleviate the personal health of all people on earth.



David Dakan Allison


Children in the 1950’s wanted to grow up to be a fireman, an astronaut, the President or whatever Dad did – but not me. I wanted to grow up to be a PHILANTHROPIST.

By the time I started college, I was certain there were no Philanthropist degrees, and without entrance into the elite society, no apprenticeship’s. Since universities didn’t offer the Humanitarian degree I really wanted, I never chose anything less. Therefore, fortunately, my life was never tainted with a conforming 9 to 5 compromising obedience. As a free spirit, I was either having a life learning experience, engaged in service jobs or creating art. I became a Renaissance Man.

Now, with the anticipated help of the Alliance – I’m ready to be the philanthropist I always wanted to be, and do the work I was born to do.

I’ll begin by first attracting exceptional operational team members, to begin funding various businesses in the Cabo San Lucas Mexico area, as soon as possible. Our intention will be to insure the success of each venture.

I’m personally interested in the holistic treatment for vaccine cell damage reversal, and effective treatment of cancer, heart, lung, kidney and liver ailments, dementia, Alzheimers, etc. with mental and emotional therapy, providing frequency healing machines and hopefully the Alliance MedBeds. To this end I’d like to establish a well-appointed Healing Center in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The Center will be have conference rooms for meetings to build community, and will offer professional health clinics and hopefully a welcoming hotel. We will be emphasizing each guests’ entitlement to the best overall attention and service.


 Our goal will be to help anyone guided to us, to live in great health and prosperity.

People  get sick and struggle to survive


They have given away their Power.


It’s time for us to Inspire,

Teach, Encourage and Help

our fellow humans

to take their Power back!


My Core Values




Whether it’s funding through resource solutions, creating a Healing Center for people to Self-Heal, or guiding a person to learn how to heal  and take responsibility for Creating their own vitality, I’m a Humanitarian with a big heart who wants to do everything in my power to alleviate the personal health and financial struggle of all people on earth. My Core Value Commitment will continue to be focused on the Empowerment of my fellow brothers and sisters.



  • Above all MY CORE VALUE INTENTION AND COMMITMENT is to Love and Serve, and

  • To always call on my Higher Consciousness when deciding about anything.

  • To be present with, compassionate and kind, to everyone I meet.

  • To have fair consideration of their true need, in evaluating someone’s request.

  • To always curtail limited thinking, realizing that miracles happen with intention.

  • To banish all fear and doubt from my life and encourage others to do the same.

  • To be a way shower, Guiding Lìght: a loving elder brother to all who seek my help.

  • To always ask “What would God do?” as a Funding Humanitarian, and do that.


  • in all situations, in all encounters, at all times.



In offering Quantum and Core Issue Healing, we’ll help people

take responsibility for their health and happiness.