The Resort plan has been revised down to 10 studio apartments.


Each 400 sq. ft. studio will have a private back courtyard with a shower, jacuzzi tub and an easy access toilet.

The bed will be the Quantum Healing System medbed, tastefully placed in a cozy living room.


Instead of of the hotel concept, these studios will be for people who are healing, to stay for short term ongoing treatment.


While the Los Cabos Healing Center is being built, we will buy or lease a small hotel.

It will have treatment rooms, offices and rooms with the Quantum Healing System beds.

For nine months, I spend an enormous amount of time designing a luxury Resort, to be located in San Jose del Cabo. The estimated cost was $72 and it would be open in year three. And then, I realized that my job as the BENEFACTOR is to fund BENEFICIARIES.  That means another person other than myself will have the dream of a luxury resort connected to our Healing Center. That person will present a proposal for funding, which will be considered.

In order to begin my Benefactor business here in Cabo San Lucas, I am considering purchasing a large estate or small hotel. I will have an associate who I’ll  fund to open our first small hotel and healing center in Cabo. I will expand upon the theme, with places for people to be healed and where they will stay while in association with us.

A Stress-Free Resort Experience

However a hotel is purchased, it will need to be redecorated with a healing ambiance. We want to provide an inspiring experience for each client. ìt doesn’t matter why they show up – to teach them how to use RSS resources, or start a CAC business, to have counseling or experience a healing machine – when they enter the Benefactor’s world, we want it to be a memorable free loving experience. We will have a whole natural food restaurant and spa. We will give it a fabulous look.

The price per night for our first basic hotel would be much lower than any Cabo area comparable hotel, around $50 a night.

If or once the final Cabo Healing Center and Los Cabos Resort is built and running, every guest will  have a reservation and will be met at the airport upon arrival. A paying client will arrive at our paradise Resort, welcomed as a VIP. They will be shown to their lovely suite. The ambiance and food, included in the price, will be extra-ordinary. Word will soon spread on what a great deal this luxury resort is.

The Healing client will have the same welcome, except their lodging will be free. The next morning they will meet with a Healing Professional, designing a healing plan, catered to their specific ailment. They will be given an estimated time of healing, three days to ten. They will have a 24/7 on-call assigned support person, so every aspect of their healing journey will be a smooth flow. During their stay, all treatments and counseling will be free. In this way we eliminate any wants, needs or performance stress, as they heal.

Each guest at the Resort will be introduced to RSS. It may help them to afford on-going treatments, best supplements, and the healing tools, like Genius Biofeedback. They will be encouraged to create and sustain a higher Frequency, in their continuing journey to vibrant good health and prosperity.

Our Center will be a 5th Dimensional Refuge; pharmaceutical drug free, substance dependence free, hype free, programming free, and free of all costs. There will be fair prices for non-client restaurant and hotel guests, and to purchase take home natural foods and frequency healing tools.

The Restaurant

I believe it’s vital to our work as a healing center and for community outreach, to have a fabulous natural food restaurant; a gathering place open to the public with fair menu prices. A brochure would be available to the paying guests, who would spread the word throughout the Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo area, not only about this wonderful organic foods and seafood restaurant, but about the Cabo Holistic Healing Center.

There is an abundance of fresh fish in the Cabo coast and I would like to hire a fisherman to bring fresh fish daily, And hire a head organic farmer and his staff, to grow a big organic garden. We would hire a natural foods chef. Therefore, the restaurant would serve the freshest food with artistic plate condiments. I would teach the restaurant manager how to make sure the staff is taught the value of loving and serving each guest.

For three years, I owned a restaurant in a sea town in Alaska. Besides running it, I was the head chef, specializing in cooking fresh fish. After that, I managed a Mexican restaurant with 100 employees, for another three years. Besides ordering and bookkeeping, I honed my employee relation skills, teaching the staff how to love and serve. The large restaurant was always full with happy customers.

When I lived in Thailand, my favorite restaurant was out in the country and it had at least 100 tables. The high ceiling open air building was in the middle of an organic garden, so the produce was always crisp and fresh.

I’ve grown many organic gardens in my life, know how to cook fish and how to teach people how to love and serve. Eating clean organic food is vital in the healing process. I envision a very popular restaurant as part of the Los Cabos Holistic Healing Center, also where the healing guests would eat for free, and special dietary meals can be made.

Organic Gardens


We will find and finance a farmer to purchase at least an acre of land for the organic gardens. He would hire a gardening staff, not only to grow these garden vegetables, but to maintain a lovely garden ambiance for our restaurant and the community.

I have a larger dream to fund a nice cottage home for the head gardener, plus a small barn and greenhouse. In addition, It would be good to have a bunkhouse with at least ten beds, kitchen and baths. This would be for a community outreach offering to young students interested in learning organic farming. It would also be good to have a nearby easy to find roadside vegetable market, with free vegetable

The acre of garden would be laid out in a beautiful landscaped array – a park-like setting with paths for people to stroll down and benches to relax on.