This is the Benefactor’s heart-felt project


As the Benefactor, I will be looking to fund kind-hearted humanitarian health care workers,

to establish their own clinics within one building, which we will call the Cabo Holistic Healing Center


I would like to help make it a world-class destination

where people will be given the “Four Bodies” tools to achieve great health.


Our mission is to help our clients regain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance,

bringing them back into holistic alignment.


We all deserve Vibrant Good Health and Well-Being.





 Addressing the ROOT cause of dis-ease.


While designing a world-class Holistic Healing Center, I had to answer the question, “Are we offering people a quick cure bandaid – or are we offering a lasting four body Spiritual Reactivation?” The precursor of all disease is disharmonious STRESS of the Physical, Mind, Emotional or Spiritual bodies; which most people, consciously but mostly unconsciously, without sufficient wisdom or guidance, don’t know how to cure. This is because it takes too much time and energy to deal with the messy internal stew of unresolved wounds and mixed up Emotions. Their mind ends up coping with their stuffed inner pain with bad food choices, alcohol, drugs and shameful rationalizations and compromising lies. The avoidance eventually turns into an illness, a disease where their Death Wish becomes more powerful than their Life Wish. Instead of totally loving life and only choosing what gives them joy, their Spirit to choose total happiness has become weak. They have forgotten who they really are: an amazing unique and beautiful incarnation of God.


“Future medicine will be the medicine of Frequencies.” Albert Einstein

Our Chakras also need to be aligned

Holistic Healing


We’re aware that every cell and organ in the physical body has a natural or ‘healthy’ state of functioning – as do our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. We will purchase the most effective tools and resources needed to help rejuvenate, repair and heal every cell in a person’s body and revitalize every organ and gland. My initial concept was to offer a Healing Center where, beginning with Love Won Society members, they or their family members with cancer or other life threatening diseases, would be invited to come to Mexico and be healed with the best MedBed available.


And then I remembered, though miracles do happen, mostly there’s no pill or machine that will instantly make a diseased person perfectly healthy. Illness is the result of long established negative patterns, eating modified junk foods, medical drug use, unresolved emotional trauma and pain, and/or whatever life depleting habits that had caused the disease in the first place. A pill or machine will work in the short term, but in the long term, if the person doesn’t make holistic changes of habits and addictions, this or another disease will return.


We must address core issues for any healing to be sustainable.


The ESS machine was invented by Sandra Rose Michael. The machine is like a color pulsating TV monitor that will help increase the cells milivolts up to a healthy frequency. As a Benefactor, I would like to fund many Beneficiaries to buy this machine to start a healing business. ì personally would like to help my associates open EES centers in Calistoga, CA, Denton, TX and here in Cabo San Lucas.

Raising Frequencies


The Cabo Holistic Healing Center will need to have on hand whatever method will raise a person’s Frequency, for the bio-regeneration of every cell, so they will vibrate at optimum life sustaining efficiency.  


For this, we will need to purchase the best frequency healing machines and hire the best frequency healers; to have whatever is available to activate certain source codes to heal our clients. If a person’s Light Body, beginning with their cells, has been damaged by a spike protein injection, for instance, we will want to have the very best method available to repair their cells. We will want do our part to help each person become Whole and Sovereign and to grow out of the need to participate in the low vibrational disease protocols on our planet.


When we are out of balance, we know something is out of place and not working properly. This imbalance comes in the form of emotional or physical pain or discomfort – and even though a doctor will prescribe a pill to ease the discomfort, we would want them to fully recover; to return to a natural state of harmony, where everything ‘works’ as intended. The process of rebalancing is synonymous with healing.


Holistic healing bypasses the ‘band-aid fix’ approach of conventional medicine, looks beyond a person’s physical symptoms and sees the person from a holistic perspective. The doctor or therapist considers that the Root cause of a physical illness is in fact non-physical.


Holistic healing works when the dis-ease is approached in consideration of a persons physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony, aligning one’s vibrational frequencies to their “Full Universe of Being.”


Therefore, I realized for our Healing Center to function in its “Full Universe of Being,” our approach must be holistic; offering loving and caring guidance to a patients’s psychological as well as physical and spiritual Recovery. Our frequency tools will provide a Boost of Faith, while rebuilding the patient’s cells, on their journey to vibrant health.


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

 Nikola Tesla

Healing the Covid Trauma


The Covid Protocol uses Divine Frequency based healing to re-establish lines of communication within the body that have been blocked by exposure to viruses, bacteria and day-to-day stresses that can break down the immune system.


What is inside The COVID Healing Protocol:


  • Healing Frequencies for the covid vaccine
  • Rapid healing frequencies for the covid viruses during an viral invasion
  • Gene and Lightbody repair
  • Sealing of auric holes and strengthening of energy body to prevent invasion
  • Repair the DNA and mRNA
  • Clear yourself and spaces from shedding and vaccine energy distortions
  • Emotional healing for vaccine remorse
  • Emotional Healing for grief and loss of family members
  • Emotional Healing for isolation and aloneness
  • Message from the Ascended Masters

MedBed Consideration


The MedBeds are powerful Galactic Federation or Earth Alliance tools to help heal just about every human body issue.  We realize that if the Core Issue as to why a person created this ailment isn’t addressed, it’s quite possible it will reappear in one form or another. This is the purpose for our HOLISTIC  healing center, with competent holistic health practitioners available to help the client move through their accumulated life trauma.

We would like the Cabo Holistic Healing Center to be a Regional Location for the Alliance MedBeds – because we believe we can do much more than be a modern hospital for people to be physically healed and then released. .

We are a destination to heal a persons Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit.

Preparing our facility as a major MedBed Healing Center destination takes a lot of forethought and planning, with no restrictions on limiting thinking. In considering what is written below, I’m not sure how much of the cost of building the required structure will be provided by the Alliance – or how much will need to come out of my initial ZIM request funding to meet their requirements. In the Field of Dreams, “Build it and they will come.”

Regarding the MedBeds: “If you want to have a Med Bed Center, you’ll need six operating rooms and seven Med Beds; two in one of the rooms that would need to be extra-large. There will need to be a pre-procedure room and a recovery room. Both with about 30 beds each. Also, an overnight ward with about 27 rooms, each with four or so beds. There would also need to be approximately 15 to 20 counsellors plus any other holistic staff. You also need support staff like receptionists, cafeteria staff, cleaners, laundry staff, yardsmen, etc. Then come the doctors and technicians who will be operating the beds. In addition, you’ll need many nurses for pre and post care. It’s an enormous task which is why for quite some time, Med Beds will be controlled by the military and Alliance.




This will be a funding expense only if the Alliance agent approves our request to have a MedBed Center included in the Cabo Holistic Healing Center.  Only if the Agent agrees with my original vision, we would purchase the fifteen acres of land. We would design the Healing Center with enough space for the additional MedBed Center, which could mean 100 rooms. There are many unknowns. Would our funding need to pay for anything associated with the MedBed section, the equipment and wages?  If I’m allocated $8.2 million a year, how does it work if building the huge healing center resort costs $72 Million?

Regardless, for a Med Bed center we’d need to purchase more land and build a larger joint-use Physical Therapy and Recreational facility, since it may take time and physical therapy training for these people to adjust to new limbs. We would also need to build new roads and paradise landscaping, plus construct at least 12 new condo units for the MedBed Staff and long term treatment patients. The Agent will let me know if this will be paid with Alliance MedBed funding or not.