I’m an illusion. Easy to see, but not seen. Easy to listen to, but not heard.

Nobody knows who I am, until they do, yet most don’t.

I’m an enigma disguised as an ordinary old man, disguised as anyone, but not.

Yes, I am the mystic Starseed Shaman.

I’m the one who knows who I really am – who you really are.

I’m the one who sees the radiant, brilliant, immortal God being, Me and You.

Drink it In!

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July 9, 2022


What’s happening in the world today

By David Dakan Allison


I first began studying the Illuminati Globalist in college 54 years ago. My group studied Nikola Tesla and knew he had proven how to give the entire world free energy 120 years ago. It was well recorded how JP Morgan shut Tesla’s research down, because there was no profit in free energy. That began my lifelong opposition to the globalist bastards and my refusal to work for any corporation associated with them.

In 2002 I began writing an intergalactic novel. The Twins of Kashal. The gal who was helping me was a student of Zacharia Stichin, who wrote about Nibiru and the Annunaki. I didn’t like Stichin (later a known pedophile) and realized that he and the Annunaki were part of the dark evil forces from Orion, home of the Reptilians and AI.

My deep study revealed that the dark Orion group had been on planet Earth for millions, if not billions, of years, using humans as slaves to mine needed minerals for their planets. They would change their methods of control over the millennium. I also found out that there was an opposing alliance of benevolent planets and I was from one of them – the Pleiades.

This was twenty years ago. As I got deeper into my research and channelling, my Spirit Guide readings, I realized that my guides were connected with the Galactic Federation. I was an Earth Angel, later identified as a member of the Earth Alliance, which is a branch of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

I am what they call a Starseed, born here at this time to help in the transition of planet Earth from 3rd dimensional to 5th dimensional reality.  All the novels I’ve written, from 2002 on, are metaphorical tales about our movement from 3D to 5D consciousness.

Both the dark and light forces utilize extremely advanced technology, from our perspective. Both can move at the speed of sound, bio-locate and do all of what we’ve seen on Star Trek. But from a different perspective: the Orion Federation has used their technology for evil intent, as Galactic rebels, whereas the Galactic Federation of Worlds has used the technology for good, for Universal peace, love and harmony. They work with the energy of God.

The Orion forces, aligned with Satanic energy, in their control of Planet Earth, have shape-shifted their reptilian bodies into human form and placed themselves in lofty positions, as Pharaohs, Monarchs, Kings and Queens and the rich and powerful rulers of society. In their arrogant superiority, they devised a plan to take final ownership control of Planet Earth. They felt there was no opposition, knowing that the more powerful Galactic Federation of Worlds have a “non-interference” law. Unfortunately for the Draconians, they let down their guard. They never anticipated that The Galactic Federation would come forward, interfere, to stop their evil million year earth destroying agenda, which was in its final stage.

The Galactic Federation possesses the Quantum Computer, which is unfathomable to our highest level of intelligence. They gave use of this all-knowing computer to the Earth Alliance and the White Hats. The Quantum Computer is far superior than anything the Orion Federation possesses. Whereas the Orion computer was also superior to any human invention and was attempting to collect data on every human on earth for nefarious reasons, the far superior Quantum Computer accessed all their data and more, to be used for benevolent reasons. So, the Quantum Computer knows the exact location of every reptilian, every AI, every clone and cyborg, where all their hoarded money was located, where the henchmen were, their bought politicians, judges, CEO’s, bad military, teachers, bad doctors, etc. – all those who followed their dark agenda orders, and all people who were misusing money and power. All of them have either been eliminated or are under indictment and will pay the price for their misdeeds.

And finally – all the normally good and decent humans will be greatly rewarded. The amount of money taken from the Globalists is in the quintillions, and in a humane way will be offered back to we the people.

Because this Planet Earth is the Crown Jewel of the Universe, and the Draconian Orion forces wanted to use the Covid19 planned pandemic as a bio-weapon to kill 90% of the world’s population by 2030, the Galactic Federation of Worlds had little choice but to finally interfere. Once they did come to help, with the help of the Earth Alliance and White Hat Military, throughout the world, they began the huge chore of putting millions of years of chaos and crimes against humanity back in order.

In order to do that, they also needed the support of world leaders such as Trump, Putin. Modi and Xi – to help them end the terrible business of child sex trafficking and slavery, organ and drug running, all forms of wars, the poisoning of food, causing and perpetuating disease, brainwashing and especially their control of people with money. The rewarding of those who follow the Draconian dictates and the penalizing the vast majority of humanity – needed to end ASAP.

The Galactic Federation knew that the Globalist Central Banks needed to be shut down, and their stolen money given back to the people in the form of a new financial system – where each person would have an unhackable personal wallet connected to the Quantum Computers and the Quantum Financial System.

This new financial order would eliminate all suffering and poverty throughout the world. All money fraud and interest bearing schemes, con men and black markets, evil money scams and plots, would not be allowed to exist, with the Quantum Computer. All their money would simply disappear and their very existence on earth would be threatened.

Since for 8000 years, the Reptilians money controlling established protocol, with all their debilitating rules and laws have long been ingrained in the human population’s way of life, it has been a daunting task to reverse it; to show the populace a better way of being. It appears to many a slow process, but guiding those who for generations accepted their victimhood, into becoming the victors of their reality, takes time.

Over the past few years, the Galactic Federation has rounded up all the high Orion Reptilian leaders on Earth. They have been executed. All the Orion controlled lesser rank world government leaders and rulers have been approached, with a do or die ultimatum. Many of them have been executed and replaced with clones. The next level of puppets are now in the process of surrendering, soon to be placed in prisons like Guantanamo.

The remaining government leaders who have turned their back on the Reptilian controllers, are rejecting the petro dollar, and changing their money system to the QFS with gold backed assets. In this new Quantum Computer system, many thousands of bad actors, like doctors and nurses who knowingly injected innocent people with poisons, and even lower level bankers who robbed the people, will be left penniless, or arrested for Crimes Against Humanity and executed. In this process, the good people will be shown how every aspect of their lives was being controlled by evil.

This transition to truth has not been an easy task for the Earth Alliance. Their undefinable timetable to completion should be respected. The end is near.

Love is always the answer. The mental and emotional controllers programming we’ve been forced to endure for thousands of years is the disease. In the end, people will accept how they’ve been lied to and will choose love over fear. And then all humanity will be set free.