Funding Request Opening Statement


I’m requesting to be funded to help awaken a region of the world, 

lulled to sleep by Globalist greed and slave culture obedience.


With due respect, I listened to what Love Won Society’s Ron Giles and what Q say regarding funding – advising that we will NOT be funded unless we are currently actively engaged in doing what we want to be funded for. I ask for an allowance on this matter.

Throughout my life, I knew I was born to be a philanthropic Humanitarian. I shouldn’t explain or make excuses why that didn’t happen, or why I’m not actively engaged in being that. In my open-hearted human experience, my life has been filled with decisions re. idealisms vs obligations. My idealisms resulted in a life of a Creator/Artist, entwined with survival obligations.

During my twenty years as a working artist in Kauai, Hawaii, it was very easy for me to be lovingly accepted; engaging with like-minded friends in the Spiritual community. I was open and willing to involve myself in proposed great humanitarian dreams, mostly around opening healing or spiritual retreat centers. All these dreams, one after another, failed due to insufficient funding and Spiritual Ego. These altruistic people all lacked two of the most important factors. They needed to heal themselves and find God Within first.

After years of seeking a retirement home, I was guided to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in February 2020, at the exact time of the covid lockdowns. A year later I was also guided to Love Won Society. In my 3 1/2 years here, I have yet to be guided to meet any like-minded Spiritual friends. I can find no spiritual community groups, and no joinable humanitarian organizations. It appears that I was guided into a Globalist tourist trap – with $1000 a night resorts, thousands of expensive condos, and homes for the rich retired ex-pats, and a few hundred thousand under-paid Mexican service workers, most living in substandard housing.

Los Cabos is a mix of three million tourists a year, investors funding the building of more resorts, estates and condos, passive retirees with expendable income, and a majority of struggling to survive local Mexicans. The full-time retirees and investors seem to have no interest in building spiritual community, helping the locals, or any humanitarian needs. It appears to me that I landed in a place where there’s a great need for spiritual awakening and revitalization. I feel like I’m a lone Alliance pioneer, more than ready to hire and import a team of loving, caring, inspired Light Workers. Together we can enliven this numbed down stagnant environment/culture; one ready to see the end to this miserable master/slave culture.  

My work since arriving here has been Self-centered. My only doing “distraction” was in designing and printing my own 78 card Spirit Guide Wisdom Oracle deck – a tool to help people find their God Within. I’m dedicated to energizing My Soul and Healing My Temple. To help other do the same. I am engaged daily in meditation, Zen gardening, and purifying my diet and well-being. I’m committed to honoring my genuine God inspired authenticity, to nurture my four bodies, and to expand my level of happiness. I have no fear of failure, or of being overwhelmed, or unqualified. Everyday I’m preparing myself to do God’s work as an Alliance Benefactor here in Baja Sur, Mexico.