The famous Arch at Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico

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The Cabo Holistic Healing Center does not yet physically exist. I’m seeking funding or donations to create it.

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Three years ago I was guided to live in the Los Cabos Baja Sur Mexico region. At that time I was unaware that as a loving elder, a double Aquarian Humanitarian Light Worker, I was here to carry out my Purpose and Mission on Earth.

Throughout my life, I knew I would somehow be involved in helping humanity transition into the 5D Golden Age. So, I’m here now, involved in the Earth Alliance program, to help guide others to vibrant health, happiness and prosperity.


It is well known on alternative news sources that the Military Alliance has confiscated trillions worth of money and gold from the evil Globalists, and a large portions of that money will be used to fund humanitarian projects around the world. I have made a proposal to receive funding to provide a livable wages, to fund community building projects that will pay local worker a fair wage, to provide homes for those who ask, to open health clinics and build a large alternative healing center here in Cabo San Lucas.

I believe that my plans and dreams will become a reality. In this site I’ve outlined some of what I’d like to do before and after I’m fully funded.


I am aligned with the forces of God and Good to transform the earth and free all the people.



Is the place name of where all my Funding comes from.

I am now fully prepared to receive the requested funding for the many altruistic businesses needed in this area.

A core project for the Last 1 First Foundation is to open the

Cabo Holistic Healing Center


Spirit Guide Wisdom card meaning:

 Sharing good times

Your home is where your heart is. Living in peace, love and happiness is your Divine Right. It starts with finding a good home; connecting with loved ones. Move if necessary and reach out to like-minded people who are grateful to be alive and optimistic for good times ahead? Create your happiness; laugh and play and have fun. Join in the happy Circle of Life.





 Your Heart knows the Truth

The heart is a spinning wheel, visiting love and sadness and the other emotions. Love is the most powerful choice. When you spin love energy to yourself, to others, and out to the world, your heart attracts unlimited miracles, goodness and honor. Balanced heart energy is able to give and receive love equally, compassionately and freely. Project your love out from your Universal One Heart, and use it to heal yourself and the world.

Why Me?

David Dakan Allison


Children in the 1950’s wanted to grow up to be a fireman, an astronaut, the President or whatever Dad did – but not me. I wanted to grow up to be a PHILANTHROPIST.

By the time I started college, I was certain there were no Philanthropist degrees, and without entrance into the elite society, no apprenticeship’s. Since universities didn’t offer the Humanitarian degree I really wanted, I never chose anything less. Therefore, fortunately, my life was never tainted with a conforming 9 to 5 compromising obedience. As a free spirit, I was either having a life learning experience, engaged in service jobs or creating art. I became a Renaissance Man. 

Now, with the anticipated help of the Alliance – I’m ready to be the philanthropist I always wanted to be, and do the work I was born to do.

I’ll begin by first attracting exceptional operational team members, to begin funding various businesses in the Cabo San Lucas Mexico area, as soon as possible. Our intention will be to insure the success of each venture.

I’m personally interested in the holistic treatment for vaccine cell damage reversal, and effective treatment of cancer, heart, lung, kidney and liver ailments, dementia, Alzheimers, etc. with mental and emotional therapy, providing frequency healing machines and hopefully the Alliance MedBeds. To this end I’d like to establish a well-appointed Healing Center in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The Center will be have conference rooms for meetings to build community, and will offer professional health clinics and hopefully a welcoming hotel. We will be emphasizing each guests’ entitlement to the best overall attention and service.

 Our goal will be to help anyone guided to us, to live in great health and prosperity.

The more I observe the daily routine of the Mexican people, the more passionate

I’ve become to be an active Humanitarian here in Baja Mexico.


I moved to Cabo in Baja Sur Mexico in February 2020 and observed how this obedience culture had religiously followed the mask mandate for 2 1/2 years, and how all service workers still do. For all that time, 95% of the people put on their masks whenever they left their house or car and had done so every single day. The whole Mexican culture was now totally addicted to wearing their mask everywhere. Since October 1, 2022, the shoppers are not required to wear a mask, but all the service worker still were.

There is a real possibility that nearly every mask wearing Mexican service worker will develop lung, heart or brain cancer sometime within the next ten years, decimating an entire culture and could result in the deaths of over countless innocent people. This doesn’t need to happen. With the correct de-toxification methods, therapeutics, sound and frequency machines and especially the MedBeds, our clinics and the Cabo Healing Center can save these countless lives.

At the same time, this region on the tip of the Baja peninsula is in great need of so many great business opportunities. For instance, there is no public swimming pool, or recreation center, no bowling alley or athletic venues. Coca Cola has a monopoly of bottled water. With all sunny days there should be free energy. There is a need for community gardens and free health clinics. And so on.


As an Awake, Alive and Aware Humanitarian, I hereby offer my Pure Heart and Higher Consciousness,

to be best utilized by the Earth Alliance and the Will of God.