With the funding for the Cabo Holistic Healing Center, I’ll be able to share my compassionate love with people, designing for them public accessible ponds, green grass yards, flowing streams, waterfalls, a large organic public garden and so on, bringing Mother Nature alive to heal their heart and soul. I’ll find great happiness in helping to design and overseeing the building of beautiful structures, which blend in with the trees and water.

In the course of my life, I’ve found happiness in building Zen Gardens, with waterfalls and exotic plants, no matter where I lived. I would love to continue my gardening in a much bigger wonderful purposeful way, by creating the oasis Los Cabos Holistic Healing Center. This landscaped mini-paradise would be a breathtaking artistically designed oasis garden wellness spa, on two lush acres of greenery and blending-in buildings. Contrary to and unlike a typical sterile medical clinic, I know how important it is in the healing process to include Mother Nature; to spend time with our feet in flowing water, touching the earth, lying on the grass, breathing in the fresh air and ions of the jungle; the integration our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. I will find a greater joy as one of the loving health and wellness guides.

The Cabo Holistic Healing Center does not yet physically exist.


I’m seeking funding to create the beautiful garden oasis Holistic Quantum Healing Center,

here in Baja Sur, Mexico.


If your health has been challenged, call me for a free 15 minute medical consulting session.


If you have questions about the MedBeds

please watch the Quantum Healing System videos first – scroll down.


(And so are You!)


David Dakan Allison


I’m a loving elder, a double Aquarian Humanitarian Light Worker, living full-time in Mexico.

 I’m aligned with the Alliance forces of God and Good –

dedicated to helping any interested person to transition into the 5D Golden Age.


Contact me anytime


Mexico #:  52-612-144-5307 

US #: 206-809-1172


email: [email protected]






To Share this dream with me


As the Director of the Holistic Healing Centers, once funded, everything will be an extension of my Passion for the Creatives Arts, Holistic Healing, and Expanding 5D Consciousness. In addition to the Art Barns, we’ll offer rooms for classes in various healing arts. In organic farming. In animal and child care. We’ll have yoga, martial arts, weight training rooms, and a dance hall. We’ll give local Masters a place and opportunity to share their talents; ceramics, painting, singing, dancing, cooking, and so on.

The Los Cabos Holistic Healing Center will be a world class rejuvenation destination. It will be a Place of Refuge, a sanctuary; a lush oasis where everyone who enters will feel genuinely loved and cared for; where positive life-altering changes will happen. Everyone who comes to our Healing Center will be guided to move from their illness expressed death urge, to a vibrant Life Urge; expressed in their revitalized happy to be alive and invigorated attitude. We will guide them to be aware of the food they eat, avoiding junk foods, poisonous additives, unpronounceable ingredients, all allopathic medications, and former addictions.


This is how I can begin the Los Cabos Healing Center


My home is a very comfortable stand-alone house in a gated community, with a flowered backyard patio, green grass yard and swimming pool; plus a rooftop Zen garden meditation area, view of Cabo.

The environment is very peaceful and quiet.

You’re Invited to the Cabo Zen House


$300 for three Days

Book with: [email protected]


You’ll greatly benefit

spending three days with me in an extremely comfortable and inviting, a loving experience. 


I offer a three day, three night Shaman Healing mini retreat here in Cabo San Lucas. 


Airport pickup and return included.


You’ll have full use of the kitchen, living room and lounge areas. A

queen bed master bedroom + ensuite bath

My price is unheard of in Cabo San Lucas. I only welcome those who are dedicated to their 5D spiritual, mental, emotional and physical positive evolution. Woke ignorance, Drama queens or narcissists are not allowed. The three day, one on one time, with airport pickup, will begin with the initial $75 PayPal booking and $225 cash once here. (note that the average Los Cabos resort cost per night is $520, taxi here is $75) . I’m an Oracle master and Life Coach. My one-hour counseling session is $80, and they are free with the three day booking.  Food costs will be shared. My intention is to share my love, wisdom and lovely home in a supportive, non-invasive, clean, good-hearted way.

Please click on this link to my active website:




where you can see and order my:


Spirit Guide Wisdom Oracle Cards

And related Art products


I’m a Master Oracle card reader and Spiritual Life Coach Counselor


Another of my passions is Spiritual Counseling. As a 20 year old conscientious objector in 1967, given four questions to answer, I wrote: I AM – THE GOD – THAT – I AM. Never forgetting that, I became an Oracle reader 1985, helping hundreds of people to access their GOD WITHIN. In 2022, using my art and channelled meanings, I created my own 78 card Spirit Guide Wisdom Oracle deck. The Alliance Funding will help me to distribute this powerful tool for self-loving, self-understanding and self-healing to people around the world, to give everyone a way to access their GOD WITHIN – right now. In the Los Cabos Healing Center, these cards will inspire clients to connect to their God-Self, which will help them to heal.




If you are interested in addressing your health issues, before or after your Cabo Vacation,

I offer a One Day Holistic Healing Retreat


I’m offering an opportunity for one authentic person – someone with no anger or fear or narcissistic drama, to spend their first day in Cabo at my house. I would pick you up at the airport and offer my Spiritual Guidance services for the rest of that day, one night stay in my master bedroom, and 1/2 the next day with me, before taking you to your hotel. My Spirit Guide Wisdom readings and counseling, normally $80 an hour, will be freely offered during that 24 hour period. The ambiance with the gardens and swimming pool is like a mini-resort.



for a direct booking or $200 if you’re a booking company



The client would get up to four hour readings, with as much counseling advice as necessary. Free breakfast. We would share dinner out. I’m a great spiritual tour guide, welcoming them to Cabo, offering a whole lot of loving support and advice before driving them to begin their vacation at their hotel the next day. If they wanted to come back and spend another day or two before they leave Cabo, they can book directly with me at a discounted $100 a night with one session.



Who do you love? 

We’re taught to believe that love of another is way more important than love of self. Because there is no profit in Self Love, this is a false teaching directing you to surrender to a priest, guru, rabbi, abbot, or another person to find salvation; not to God Within. Self-love is knowing that you’re a multi-dimensional aspect of God, free to live a sovereign life, dancing in the joy of your existence. Self Love is being in awe of your own precious life, radiating it forth with the brilliance of who you are.

I marvel at my very existence




Coming Home

We all yearn to return to our perfect home. We think it’s joking with dad, eating mom home-cooked food, laughing around the open fire. And yet, what we really want, is to return to our authentic Self. It’s so easy to get lost in idealistic dreams and fantasies; in illusions. Returning means to reunite with God Within; the wonder and beauty of You. You begin your journey home by detoxifying, nurturing and rebuilding your precious temple. Once you’ve returned to your home within, you’ll join with those who have also returned; your Soul Tribe.


I am my homecoming dream

The more I observe the daily routine of the Mexican people, the more passionate

I’ve become to be an active Humanitarian here in Baja Mexico.


I moved to Cabo in Baja Sur Mexico in February 2020 and observed how this obedience culture had religiously followed the mask mandate for 2 1/2 years, and how all service workers still do. For all that time, 95% of the people put on their masks whenever they left their house or car and had done so every single day. The whole Mexican culture was now totally addicted to wearing their mask everywhere. Since October 1, 2022, the shoppers are not required to wear a mask, but all the service worker still were.

There is a real possibility that nearly every mask wearing Mexican service worker will develop lung, heart or brain cancer sometime within the next ten years, decimating an entire culture and could result in the deaths of over countless innocent people. This doesn’t need to happen. With the correct de-toxification methods, therapeutics, sound and frequency machines and especially the MedBeds, our clinics and the Cabo Healing Center can save these countless lives.

At the same time, this region on the tip of the Baja peninsula is in great need of so many great business opportunities. For instance, there is no public swimming pool, or recreation center, no bowling alley or athletic venues. Coca Cola has a monopoly of bottled water. With all sunny days there should be free energy. There is a need for community gardens and free health clinics. And so on.


As an Awake, Alive and Aware Humanitarian, I hereby offer my Pure Heart and Higher Consciousness,

to be best utilized by the Earth Alliance and the Will of God.